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SeoTuners Thousand Oaks is an innovative internet marketing company that specializes in affordable SEO solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We continue to be one of the top rated SEO companies thanks to our optimization, keyword analysis, needs analysis and reporting methods. With transparent practices, excellent reviews and measurable results, we continue to grow as a company and expand our portfolio.

SeoTuners Thousand Oaks: Our Roots & How it All Started

For over a decade, SeoTuners has been working with clients to help them surpass their highest marketing goals. We truly care about our clients and want to see them succeed in their efforts. We view all clients as extensions of our business, so when they reach milestones, so do we.

When you work with our top SEO company, you'll see that we have a tight knit group that takes care of your every need. Two names you'll probably run into most are Jeremiah Weilert and Tony Durso.

Jeremiah is the President of our company and brings his expertise from the field of sales and internet marketing. He was the Director of Sales for one of the largest internet marketing firms in America and played a vital role in expanding the company from 2009-2011.

Tony is the CEO and Founder of SeoTuners. He has nearly three decades of experience in the corporate world, carrying out tasks like accounting, business management, contract negotiations and personnel supervision. Together, Jeremiah and Tony make a great team where clients are always put first.

Honesty and Transparency is What Makes Us Different

Rather than being created from the corporate mindset, SeoTuners was born from a passion to help small and medium-sized businesses rule the internet.

We were tired of seeing the smaller guys take the back seat because they didn't have the funds to compete. We were also frustrated watching smaller businesses get taken advantage of by large SEO firms that over-promised results. That's when SeoTuners Thousand Oaks was born.

Here are some of the reasons why our SEO company is unique compared to others:

  • Personalized attention. When reading SeoTuners reviews, you'll see that our clients are satisfied with the attention they receive from us. We're a small team that is actively involved with all of our clients. You are not a number and will never be.

  • Innovative approach. SEO is complex, but don't trust companies that claim they have a "secret sauce" that makes them more successful. Google is upfront about what it expects - a strong SEO strategy comes from following the best practices and offering a highly valuable website.

  • Extensive services. Rather than having two or three companies meddling in your digital marketing needs, you should have just one. SeoTuners offers extensive digital marketing services, including paid search, reputation management, social media, link building and local SEO.

  • Reasonably priced. Another thing you'll find in SeoTuners reviews is our refreshingly affordable rates. We don't charge an excess of money just because we can. Our prices are fair, especially when you see how we're able to maximize ROI. It's almost like getting our services for free!

SeoTuners Thousand Oaks is a Top Rated SEO Company

TopSeos consistently ranks us as one of the Top Best SEO Companies (we rank #11) and Top Best Local SEO Companies (we rank #4). We are honored to have this recognition, with ratings of over 90 percent in on-page optimization, off-page optimization, needs analysis, keyword analysis and reporting methods.

Aside from being highly rated by independent authorities, SeoTuners also takes pride in our consistently high reviews. Whether you're on Google, Yelp, Facebook, TopSeos or any others, you'll see that SeoTuners reviews are largely positive. These are real people sharing their experiences with our company. Some were even skeptical that we could accomplish what we said for a fraction of the price - but it didn't take long for them to change their mind.

SeoTuners is also Yelp Ads Certified. Find us on social media and send us a message, or call us at 877-736-1112 for a free consultation. It doesn't hurt to find out what a top rated SEO company can do with your budget!

We Specialize in Addiction Treatment SEO

Today's treatment centers need SEO in order to be competitive. While we did not set out to work exclusively with rehab centers, we have quickly earned ourselves a reputation for being a leader in addiction treatment SEO. Our team has had an incredible impact on many treatment centers from the local area and beyond by doing extensive keyword research, contributing high quality content and optimizing on-page and off-page elements.

In 2018, SeoTuners Thousand Oaks was awarded the Ethical IoT Award at the 13th Annual EMP Addiction Conference. This award lets others know that we are a company that is honest, ethical and transparent. We will not use black hat or spammy tactics to get you ahead. Everything we do is by the books yet highly strategic and effective.

Treatment centers continue to trust us for these very reasons, as they know that we will help their patients find quality substance abuse treatment. By using our drug rehab SEO services, you can be assured that your treatment center will remain in compliance with Google.

Comprehensive SEO Services and Flexible SEO Packages

Everything we do is to help your website increase visibility in the search engines so that you can generate more traffic, leads and sales. SeoTuners Thousand Oaks has a list of packages to choose from, or you can build your own. We are aware that many businesses have limited budgets, and we are prepared to be creative and innovative with yours.

Below are the services we offer. You can utilize as many as needed to reach your SEO goals.

  • Organic search. Get more exposure on the internet through our tried-and-true practices. Our SEO packages are affordable and deliver incredible ROI. Check out SeoTuners reviews for yourself!

  • Social media. Interacting with customers online is a great way to build relationships. Social media also supports a healthy digital marketing strategy. Let us manage your social channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  • Paid search. When you need to drive immediate traffic to your website, paid search is the solution. Let us create compelling ads that lead to instant engagement.

  • Custom link building. Link building is an effective way to increase brand authority, but it needs to be done correctly. Our SEO experts will design a custom link building strategy that follows Google's guidelines.

  • Local SEO. Using maps and local keywords, SeoTuners will help your brick and mortar business get more visibility by local customers.

  • Online review monitoring. We monitor SeoTuners reviews, so why shouldn't you monitor yours? Know what people are saying about you, and address negative feedback immediately to prevent reputation damage.

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Seotuners Reviews