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Managed Promotional Sweepstakes

Managed Promotional Sweepstakes

Managed Promotional Sweepstakes: Why You Need To Hire A Sweepstakes Company

Promotional contests and managed promotional sweepstakes have been around for some time now, and it is often running from the computer, television, newspaper, or mail. But now, managing promotional sweepstakes is much easier than before, all thanks to sweepstakes administration companies. With the help of these companies, managed promotional sweepstakes are no longer challenging as it used to be, it is now mostly stress-free and less demanding.

A lot of companies still run sweepstakes because they are very effective, and they are one of the best ways to increase the customer base of your business or brand, and this will result in a great ROI. This means you can greatly increase the number of customers you have without spending much money.

Also, contests entice and excite people in ways that don’t seem forced. This means people don’t feel like you are directly selling your product to them, but instead, they control their decision of purchasing your brand or product. The idea of getting something that is valuable for free or almost free makes a lot of clients give out their personal details which enable you to reach out them and market your product in the future.

In order to have successful and well managed promotional sweepstakes, you will need the help of a sweepstakes company. Here are some of the reasons why:

Legal Compliance is Involved, and It Is Very Important

Sweepstakes involve a lot of legal compliance, but the legal compliance is depending on the region where you are carrying out the contest. Have you heard of risk management, legal scrutiny, disclosure development, and official rules, state registrations, IRS filling, surety bonds, affidavit management of the winner, and planning of the prize structure? There are a lot of things involved when it comes to sweepstakes legal compliance. This is why you need to hire a sweepstakes company. A sweepstakes company can help with all the legal compliance you need to run your sweepstakes contest successfully.

An Online Platform to Collect Entries

When running sweepstakes contests, you will need a platform (online) to collect and keep track of entries. This is a great way of making sure that every entry is received and entered into the system properly. If email entries are what you are relying on, you may end up having inconsistent, invalid, and missing entries that will definitely take you a whole lot of time to process. With the help of an online platform, you will be able to put all your entries in one place, and you can sort, access them easily whenever you want to.

Analytics and Reports

Every business owner or marketing agency that truly understands promotion and marketing will want to have the statistics of the contest, and they will want to know exactly how the sweepstakes contest fared. They will want to be provided with details regarding the number of entries they had, the conversion rate (if clients purchased their products or services), and how clients were referred to the contest. A sweepstakes company will provide you with all the report and analytics you need regarding your sweepstakes contest. This will give you a better insight of the success of the contest.


Managed Promotional Sweepstakes

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Managed Promotional Sweepstakes Managed Promotional Sweepstakes